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Welcome to Ribant Creative Office

 Through a unique blend of strategic thinking, visionary design, and technical execution, RCO transforms hard-to-understand systems into well-reasoned ones. Ribant Creative Office is part business, part incubator, and full practice.



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    UI/UX Design

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    Website Develop­ment

Studio Profile


RCO strives to bring the best of strategy, design, and software development together.

 RCO is a creative practice that covers all aspects of design, including strategy, identity, UI/UX design, and development. I work with clients big and small to solve challenges and create experiences that are focused around your goals.

 My preferred mode of work centers around a close partnership that investigates pragmatic, yet nuanced and innovative solutions.


The sum is made of all its parts, and each part must be made with care.

 Digital experiences are but a singular touchpoint in a brand’s landscape, but I believe they are one of the most robust: they can be emotive and thought-provoking while also functioning as a conversion channel for your organization.

 RCO stands by a singular process that flexes to fit the needs of each project, but always staying true to a holistic, end-to-end method that encapsulates strategy, art direction, interface design, and development. I use these tools to create meaningful experiences that challenge expectations and push forward your goals.

 You can expect with RCO that, together, we will approach your goals through a process that will create a new future for your brand.


Est. 2017

Part Studio

Part Agency

Full Practice






About Kyle Ribant


Kyle is a designer, developer, visual artist, and technology enthusiast currently living in New York.

 Kyle started RCO after a decade of working in-house at companies like Dropbox, Airtable, and Evernote. RCO is the culmination of those skills and experiences as an interactive designer, front-end engineer, growth engineer, and team lead.

 Kyle prefers working with other creators, artists, and responsible brands looking to venture into experimental and technology-forward experiences.


Marrying opposite worlds to find the perfect balance.

 With RCO, Kyle investigates the relationship between logical interaction patterns and subjective visual themes, ultimately using that relationship to build scalable visual systems.

 Kyle believes that design and development is a process of continuous discovery that requires collaboration and empathy. Ultimately, Kyle enjoys designing products, identities, and campaigns that grow organizations.



  • Cover art for No One Dies From Love by Tove Lo

    No One Dies From Love

    Tove Lo

  • Cover art for god's chariots by Oklou

    god's chariots


  • Cover art for BODMIN MOOR by SBTRKT
  • Cover art for WAKING UP DOWN by Yaeji
  • Cover art for Say What You Will by James Blake
  • Cover art for Splinter by spill tab
  • Cover art for American Teenager by Ethel Cain
  • Cover art for Far Cry by Wet
  • Cover art for Unfold You by Rostam
  • Cover art for Bad Dad by PVA
  • Cover art for GHOST (feat. LEILAH) by SBTRKT
  • Cover art for DC Rot by yunè pinku
  • Cover art for Cherry by Daphni
  • Cover art for Your Love by Tourist
  • Cover art for Starry Night by Peggy Gou
  • Cover art for Across the Ocean by Julien Bracht
  • Cover art for The Dream by Gold Panda
  • Cover art for All Over (feat. Panda Bear) by Nosaj Thing
  • Cover art for Let's Make a Mistake Tonight by Tennis
  • Cover art for Potion by Bibio
  • Cover art for HowTheyLikeMe! by Liv.e
  • Cover art for Picture in my mind by PinkPantheress & Sam Gellaitry
  • Cover art for Too Close (feat. Ouri) by Nosaj Thing & Jacques Greene